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Bridal Burnout: Is it a thing?

Ah-ha, so I’ve piqued your interest, hence you clicked on this blog... right? Is there such a thing as bridal burnout? With the blessing that an engagement ring comes with, so does its fair share of panic, anxiety, and just plain old "WTF!".

When it came to my wedding day back in 2019, I was what you call a relaxed bride, I left the finer details of the wedding to my crew that consisted of my mum, sister-in-law and a few of my closest friends, I was as carefree as a hippy in the bush. Is that a figure of speech? Yes.

Well, no. Am I confident that that is a real figure of speech, also no? Moving on.

My husband and I planned the big things and left the rest up to our friends. They know us as well as anyone, so the trust was very present on the day of our wedding. Okay, okay, other than one of my closest friends locking my keys in my car the day after the

wedding…’AWKIES’ everything was perfect. Should you have the ring on your finger, may I suggest you plan the big details such as venue, guests, wedding colours, blooms and so on and leave the finer details such as on the day coordination, cake refrigeration and all the odd details to your bridal gang, I mean, what was the point of buying and personalising mugs and earrings and asking them to be your crew if you don’t get something out of it? They are there to help.

My next tip is to pick service providers that will get the job done but also assist you should the nonsense hit the fan. You need to feel comfortable asking your service provider to add another boutonniere or make an extra 5 cupcakes. Obviously, don’t assume it won’t come with a cost, but rest easy knowing that they will go above and beyond.

Lastly, breathe. I always tell my brides that they most probably won’t remember anything other than the love of your life waiting for you at the end of the aisle. At the end of the day, you’re planning a wedding to marry your partner, so regardless of what happens, you will become a whole married lady. What a treat.

Should you need any guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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