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Why small orders are often turned down:

Straight up, I promise it is not because I’m a spicy lady who believes I’m "too good" for small orders!

Most do not know this, but flowers are sold in bunches, not per stem, and depending on what variety one is looking for, the number of stems per bunch can differ. Unlike florists with a storefront, I don’t usually have extra blooms on hand. This means that as a no-storefront-florist who focuses on weddings and larger events, things work quite differently on my end for smaller 'a la mode' orders.

Let’s say I get a request for one arrangement. Step one is to secure all blossoms and greenery required for said arrangement. As the request is quite small, I am left with a lot of leftover greens and blooms, which is never an issue, as these can be put to use as home decor or small posies for friends and family members, however, the biggest issue with this situation is that the cost involved in purchasing all the necessary components of the desired arrangement is greater than the profit I make, resulting in a loss.

As every flower and green are sold in specific quantities, I have to buy in that quantity no matter what I do or do not need. There are no exceptions. Here’s a quick breakdown:

- If I need 5 stems of roses, I have to buy 1 bunch of 25.

- If I need 20 stems of roses, I have to buy 1 bunch of 25.

- If I need 42 stems of roses, I have to buy 2 bunches of 25.

As you can see, no matter how many roses I actually need I have to purchase the minimum amount no matter what. So it’s difficult to price smaller/single items because the price usually doubles due to needing to purchase everything in bulk. That means I would have to charge more to justify the additional blooms I need to purchase - even if I don’t use them for your order!



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