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Let Us Make Your Day

Our mission at Make My Day Floral is to create floral masterpieces whose majesty speak for themselves…

after all, what is an event without beautiful blooms? Flowers have a unique story, and it’s our duty to share it.


My journey to the land of the blooms.
It all began at around the age of 16 years when my aunt approached me and asked me to manage the blooms on her Big Day. Naturally I jumped on said opportunity and ran to the local Woolworths to purchase a few simple white roses, after which I called it a day.


As the years went by and adult life started to sink in, the pressure of finding a job began to weigh heavily on me. Marketing seemed like a safe bet, but as the days passed, I could feel my soul softly dimming - this did not sit right with me.

As a result, I decided to deliver simple posies over the weekend to neighbours in my area, and so Make My Day was born! Within days, I was approached with an inquiry into wedding florals and immediately said “YES!” The rest is history.

My tiny one woman operation has blossomed into a six women operation. I could not be more proud!


My team is comprised of my Mum, Alison (aka “Moo”) as well as my closest friends, Bianca (Bee), Gillian (Gill), Coba (Cobs) & Lauren


I am so lucky to be surrounded by such brilliant women, something which definitely shows in our work!

C&W Wedding-212.jpg

Make My Day Floral Design

The process begins with an inquiry into our services and availability, by which you tell us the date of your special day and we cross check our availability. Once your date is confirmed available, emails regarding your hopes and dreams for your special day, will be exchanged. A more personal phone consultation is then set.

A custom quote based on the vision you give us is then compiled and sent to you, after which you decide to continue with our services. If you do decide to go forward, an in-person meeting is scheduled a few months before the agreed upon date.

Our pricing is completely custom, as are our designs. We understand that every event has a budget… it’s simply too tricky to give an exact amount as to the cost of your flowers as every event varies in style and size.

If you have questions about our process or would like a custom quote please feel free to contact us!


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Expect to hear from us soon!

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